Raw Diet Products

Raw food diet consists of uncooked, unprocessed and often organic foods. Humans eat raw food diets in an effort to stay healthier, but lots of people who own pets are using this product as food for their animals. Manufacturers of raw diet food products promote them as a healthy diet alternative for pets. Today there are several companies that deal solely with raw diet products and offer an all-natural, frozen, fresh pet food made from ground bones, free-range meats and fresh vegetables – real, raw diet products the way nature intended.

Raw diet products help to improve the overall nutrition and physical condition of household pets. As cats and dogs are carnivores by nature, inclusion of meat in their diets guarantees adequate development and balanced nutrition. Raw diet products are exactly the kinds of food that cats and dogs naturally seek out for themselves in the wild.

A good raw diet product is comprised of 75-80% meat, 20-25% veggies and some grains such as millet, barley, oatmeal and other vital supplements. Companies produce raw diet products in a temperature-controlled environment to preclude the growth of bacteria and freezing also helps to reduce pathogens considerably.

The cost of quality raw diet products is higher than ordinary products. Just as with humans, food served to dogs and cats has a direct effect on their health. So before purchasing any raw diet product for pets, it is necessary to ensure that the products selected are prepared from the finest meat and organic ingredients.