Become a Multimedia Artist Or Animator and Work on Summer Blockbusters

This summer’s hottest movies-Shrek, Toy Story 3, Despicable Me-are making headlines for their hilarious plots and celebrity cameos. (After all, who doesn’t want to hear Tom Hanks revive his iconic role as Woody or Steve Carrell play a supervillain trying to steal the moon?)

But the real stars may just be the men and women working behind the curtain. While celebrities lend their voices and acting talent, it’s the multimedia artists and animators who make the characters, landscape and movie plots come to life.

The days of hand-drawn animation stills are long gone. While the initial concepts for a cartoon may be done by hand, today’s multimedia artists and animators use computer screens and complex programming codes to bring Buzz Lightyear, Princess Fiona and all the rest to life rather than pens and paper.

Their ability to blend this unexpected combination of artistic creativity and specialized computer skills make these professionals a hot commodity. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for animators and multimedia artists will only grow as we become more and more accustomed to three-dimensional, realistic graphics in our movies, video games, and even on TV. There may also be future job opportunities in mobile technologies, scientific research, and other design services.

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