Cost Effective Freight Forwarding Software for Addressing Freight Needs

Software’s significance for various businesses have been on the rise since software professionals began to concentrate in developing top notch solutions to offer smart services to various companies. User friendly software solutions are widely preferred in companies across different industry verticals. Software companies have realized the true potentials of software and have started to design and develop innovative software comprehending the present day needs and specific requirements of businesses. Advancements in information technology have led to the emergence of feature rich software for small or large companies with the transportation and logistics industry.

Fully integrated with latest technology, logistics management software helps in warehouse management, freight forwarding and supply chain management etc. It is ideally used by freight forwarders, NVOCCs, consolidators, logistic providers, export/import companies and more. This software’s are efficient in providing complete solutions for automating logistic operations. Designed for the global market, logistics management software offers best customer service. Some of its exclusive features include the following:

- Handles small packages to large containers and consolidations

- Offers hassle free documentation

- Automates manual processes & Reduces human errors

- Online Tracking of shipments and cargo’s

- Integration of logistics requirements leading to revenue realization

- Built-in modules linking the all logistic operations

- Offers complete inventory and warehouse management

- Processes sales order and purchase order

- Tracks pickup and delivery of consignments

Besides, freight forwarder software is one of the most preferred choices of freight service providers in the supply chain industry across the globe. This well designed software creates documents like commercial invoices, provides online tracking, database management and storage fees to facilitate release of freight both locally and internationally. It helps in performing all tasks of freight forwarding companies that includes management of warehouse, shipping and accounting transactions. Freight forwarder software also has WMS or warehouse management system that works in multiple currencies.

No matter how big or small a company is across any industry, it is essential to cater to the needs and demands of customers. Customer service forms the foundation of supply chain and logistics management. Customers and logistic companies can easily track shipments and avail latest updates about their goods and packages online in real time using supply chain software. This software has some of the online features like- shipping, payment and booking instructions. It creates related accounting and shipping transactions and quotations for customers. Logistic companies can install an additional EDI system with this software application for managing sales and purchase orders. Taking complete control over the shipping process, such software meets current challenges in logistics business. The export documentation software for instance makes trade documentation error free and easy. It provides quick creation and distribution of quality export, customs and shipping documents.

There are some logistic companies who believe that it is wise to install separate software solutions for each operation. However, it is evident that companies that seek quick and smart logistic management software solutions opt for Logi-Sys software, a one stop solution for various in house activities in freight forwarding companies. This software has the features of freight forwarder software and helps in focusing on the core competencies of logistic operations.